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During our time in business we’ve been asked many questions and a collection of these are below, if you ever have any questions that haven’t been covered below then please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer these for you.

Q - What valet would you recommend for my car?

A - This is our most common question and the answer varies, if you have never had a valet before then we’d recommend our Full valet as this will cover everything needed and bring your car to the same condition you’d expect it in when you buy it from a main dealer.

If your car has been valeted in the past 6 months then we’d recommend our mini valet as this covers the basics needed to make your car look new again.

If you have a requirement for your car to be valeted regularly we’d recommend one of our regular cleaning valets as this will keep your car looking amazing all year round with only a need for a top-up polish & wax every season.

Q – How often should I have my car polished?

A – We’d recommend having your car polished with Autoglym Super Resin Polish by us every few months (as the seasons are about to change) and have Autoglym HD Wax applied every six months as this will help protect your car from the elements.

Q – Is there much point having my car valeted in winter as it’ll just get dirty again?

A – This is the wrong way to look at car care over the winter, as soon as the weather starts to get cold we see the gritters out on the road and salt causes so much damage to cars, winter is the most important time of the year to get your car looked after, we’d recommend a mini valet plus HD Wax or Extra Gloss protection as this will add a layer of protection to your paintwork and make it easier to look after.

Q – What area do you cover?

A – Click here for a full list of areas we cover, if wanting a detail we’d be happy to travel further depending on the requested job.

Q – Can you collect and deliver my car?

A – Yes, we’re fully insured with comprehensive road risk trade insurance that enables us to drive all but the highest specification cars (temporary cover can be given by our insurers) and we can collectand deliver the car for you free of charge, it just needs to be MOT’d, taxed and roadworthy.

Q – What happens if it’s raining on the day of my valet?

A – If we’re unable to get the car to shelter or collect it from you to bring back to our valeting bay we may need to cancel the valet and arrange a new date, although we’ll do everything we can to make sure the service is carried out, it’s very rare for us to have to cancel a valet!

Q – How long does a valet take?

A – As every valet is different we’ll be able to give you a rough time but until we see the vehicle we’ll not be able to give an accurate timescale.

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