Protection detail;

Time 4+ hours
Cost from £110 inc VAT

The protection detail is our entry-level detailing package, designed to create the best possible finish on your vehicles paintwork without lengthy machine polishing processes.

We start the detail with a foam pre-wash and left to dwell for five to ten minutes your badges, window surround rubbers, roof runners and bumper areas are brushed with a variety of high quality brushes to ensure all areas are grime free for the perfect finish, following rinsing the full vehicle we then carefully wash the vehicle using the two-bucket method and a lambs wool wash mitt and a high quality pH neutral shampoo.

During this process we clean the wheels with a gentle acid-free wheel cleaner and varieties of soft brushes then the whole vehicle including wheels are dried using plush microfibre drying towels.

Once the preparation stage is complete the vehicle is de-tarred and clayed to remove fine contamination from the vehicles bodywork to create a smooth surface for the polish/glaze product, this product removes fine swirls and masks most minor defects and adds a richness to the shine.

We then finish the bodywork of the car off by adding a wax or sealant (we will choose the most appropriate product but if you’d like a specific product then the choice is yours)

To finish we treat the arches, tyres and dress any trim with a high quality dressing, polish exhaust tips and add a wax or sealant to the wheels, polish all glass and to finish off we vacuum the interior and clean all surfaces using a cleaning solution (we don’t use any silicone on the interior)


Additional wax coats £15 each coating

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