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Showroom Valet £125.00 £145.00 £165.00 £195.00 £150.00 £195.00
Hand Polish £10.00 £15.00 £17.50 £20.00 £12.50 £17.50
Extra Gloss Protection £10.00 £15.00 £17.50 £20.00 £12.50 £17.50
High Definition Wax £15.00 £17.50 £20.00 £25.00 £20.00 £30.00
Windscreen & Window - Rain Protection £15.00 £17.50 £20.00 £25.00 £10.00 £12.00
Interior Sanitise £25.00 £25.00 £25.00 £25.00 £25.00 £25.00

This is the big one, taking up to a day to complete with no surface left untouched, this valet can only be done at our premises but we will be happy to collect your car the evening before your booking or the morning of your booking if you’re unable to drop the car off with us.

First we start by boxing up anything left in the car, cd’s books, clothing and anything else we find hidden away, we then vacuum the full interior, carpets, seats, under seats, dashboard, roof lining, brush out air vents, door pockets and other hard to reach areas to remove all loose debris and dirt, we then vacuum out the boot area, spare wheel well, remove spare wheel and tools, we then hand or wet-vac shampoo the seats and any areas of carpet that require cleaning as well as hand washing the roof lining, head rests and door cards/fabrics. Whilst this is drying we clean any rubber floor mats (or shampoo any fabric ones) and clean and dress interior plastic/rubber. If the seats are leather we’ll carefully clean and nourish the leather with only the best leather care products from Autoglym, all interior windows will then be cleaned and polished and a final vacuum to ensure all remaining dust is removed.

We then treat the interior with a fabric protection to guard against spills and water marking, if leather, we add a leather treatment to lock in the leathers oils and help protect from staining.

We then start on the exterior - we start by treating your door shuts, boot shuts, wheel arches and lower ground strips with a high quality traffic film remover, whilst this is soaking we treat the lower half of the car with a traffic film remover and rinse off with high pressure to remove grime and grit, we then hand wash the whole of the car with a high quality shampoo and clean wheels to remove all grime and brake dust residue, we then dry the whole car, including door shuts with high quality microfibre towels. We then remove all tar from the exterior of the vehicle and wheels and wash down the areas ready to be treated with a clay bar to ensure surface is as smooth as it can be, this will also remove any road grime, bugs and tar that may have been missed when washing. Once the vehicle has dried with no water marks or streaks we use a high quality polish and hand polish the bodywork and apply a separate high quality wax that suits the paintwork colour, we then treat all tyres and exterior rubber and clean & polish the exterior glass and mirrors.

  • Vacuum full interior
  • Shampoo seats and carpet
  • Clean & treat any leather
  • Remove rubbish and grime from all pockets
  • Dress all plastic & rubber
  • Clean and polish all interior glass
  • Pre-treat bodywork with traffic film removal
  • Pressure wash full vehicle
  • Clean alloy wheels
  • Dry bodywork, door shuts and sills
  • Remove tar
  • Clay Bar Vehicle to remove surface contaminants
  • Hand polish
  • Layer of long lasting Autoglym HD wax (Or specialist Sealant)
  • Clean & polish exterior windows and mirrors
  • Dress tyres & exterior rubbers
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